As soon as you are planning to plant a tree, making a locate request at Info-Excavation is essential to know what lies below within the work zone and what clearance distance needs to be respected (required minimum distances). This will ensure your safety and prevent damages to underground infrastructures located within the work zone.

Even today, there are more than 3 damages per day and 23% of them could have been easily avoided by making a locate request. These damages have an impact on the integrity of the services offered to the population and incurs repair costs as well as social-economic costs. They also represent a safety risk to individuals in the surrounding area.

Making a locate request is essential to know what’s and dig safely.

The following represents the information needed when creating a locate request:

  • The planned location for planting trees (IMPORTANT! Any work related to planting trees must be identified.);
  • The total depth of the excavation work;
  • The date the trees will be planted. This information is crucial as it takes 5 business days to receive answers from all member owners whose infrastructures are located within the work zone;
  • The completion date is also important as it allows us to define the maximum validation period for your locate request.

Making a locate request

Making a locate request is not only free, it’s also quick and easy!

Make one as soon as you are planning to plant a tree.


Making a locate request


Related Guideline Information to be Followed

The seven major owners of underground infrastructures (Bell, Commission de services électriques de Montréal, Énergir, Gazifère, Hydro-Québec, Telus and Vidéotron) have joined their efforts and now share common guidelines that must be followed when planting trees near their infrastructures. This document should be consulted first and foremost.

Consult the guidelines related to planting trees


If your municipality and other owners of underground infrastructures are not members of Info-Excavation, then you must contact them directly to get further information on the matter.