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Did you know that a significant number of networks are buried in Québec? That’s 100,000 km of telecommunications cables, 98,000 km of sewer and water lines, 32,000 km of electrical networks, 13,000 km of natural gas pipelines, etc.

What if some of them were located on your property? It makes perfect sense to know what’s below before digging. Damages to an underground infrastructure can have significant, sometimes serious and very costly consequences. That is why it is essential to locate these underground infrastructures and adapt excavation practices so work is carried out safely.

Making a locate request is a critical step in excavation work. In 2023, 22% of damages were done because no locate requests were made beforehand. These damages could have been easily avoided, especially since making a locate request is not only free, it’s also quick and easy! Contact us now to excavate safely while knowing what’s below.

*Important: When submitting your locate request, make sure to clearly identify your excavation site on the map, since your Google sketch will determine which member companies will be notified of your work. The Municipality, Address, Street, and Intersection fields are only used to open and position your worksite on Google Maps.

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Infrastructures may be buried on your property!

Do you plan to install a fence or redo your landscaping, install an in-ground, above-ground pool or spa, plant a tree, or do excavation work near your home? Take all appropriate precautions!

A locate request will confirm if any telecommunication and electrical cables, gas pipelines or other infrastructures are buried on your property.

Our free and speedy service will guarantee your safety and that of your neighbours as well as protect the environment and ensure that services are uninterrupted.


Prevent damages and dig safely!

A locate request helps you know where underground infrastructures owned by Info-Excavation’s member companies are located on your excavation site. It also helps prevent accident-related damages that could be potentially costly and dangerous.

A locate request helps your company excavate safely.


Excavate while ensuring the safety of citizens!

Municipalities who are concerned by the integrity of public services and the safety of their citizens must always make a locate request before starting excavation work.

A locate request helps you know the location of underground infrastructures owned by Info-Excavation’s member companies. This prevents damages that could be costly and potentially dangerous.

Tutorial videos

Our tutorial videos will help you make, modify and update locate requests as well as creating revalidation and remarking requests You can view them by clicking here.

Tutorial videos

Not Digging?

You must complete an engineering request if you wish to know the location of underground infrastructures at the planning stage of your excavation project.

Engineering request

Not all municipalities and utility companies that own underground infrastructures are members of Info-Excavation.