Crossing pipeline approval

What Activities Require Consent from the Pipeline Company?

Consent from the pipeline company is required for:

  • Operation of a vehicle or mobile equipment across a right of way, outside the travelled portion of a highway or public road.

Source: Canada Energy Regulator

More information to prevent damage to pipelines.

Make a locate request as a homeowner or a company.

Companies from whom you need the approval

  • Affinerie CCR
  • Biomont
  • Champion Pipe Line Corporation Ltd
  • Emera Brunswick Pipeline
  • Enbridge
  • Énergie Éoliennes Vents du Kempt s.e.c.
  • Énergie Valéro (Terminal Montréal-Est)
  • Énergie Valéro Chaudières
  • Énergie Valéro (Pipeline Gaspé)
  • Énergie Valéro (Pipeline Saint-Laurent)
  • Énergir, le nouveau Gaz Métro
  • ExxonMobil Canada LTD – Sable Offshore Energy Project
  • Gazifère Inc.
  • Gazoduc TQM
  • Heritage Gas Line
  • Hydro-Québec
  • Irving Oil
  • Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline
  • Pipe-lines (Les) Montréal Limitée
  • Pipelines Trans-Nord inc.
  • Suncor Énergie (Terminal Montréal)
  • TransCanada Pipelines Limitée
  • Vopak Terminals of Eastern Canada inc.