Unidentified underground network (UUN)

Many abandoned underground infrastructures as well as unidentified underground network(UUN) are buried in Québec.

Not only is this issue more recurrent, it also impacts workers and the construction sites. These infrastructures do not appear on the mapping sent by the owners of underground infrastructures, and consequently, they are missing in the transmitted location reports.

This situation has brought on:

  • insecurity on construction sites;
  • delays;
  • as well as cost overruns.

We need your collaboration!

Whether you are a client, an owner of underground infrastructures or a contractor/excavator, your participation is essential. Together, damage prevention and the safety of workers can be improved!


Owners of Underground Infrastructures 

 Send us the mapping of your abandoned infrastructures without delay by completing the update form for your network. From our end, we will send you the new collected data whenever a problematic situation is reported.



By adding a clause in your tenders, hired contractors/excavators will be required to inform us whenever an abandoned infrastructure or UUN is found on the construction site. It will enable us to update our databases and inform future workers when excavation work is projected within the relevant area.



 Please notify us immediately via our portal whenever you find an underground infrastructure not included in the initial locate report. If no member companies claim ownership of this unidentified conduit, the information will be saved in our databases and will serve to inform future workers when excavation is planned in the related area.


Identification Process

In 2020, a multisectoral committee was created to address the issue of unidentified conduits. A process was then established to inform Info-Excavation about this unidentified underground network (UUN). The process will allow contractors/excavators to notify us whenever an unknown and unlocated underground infrastructure is found and does not appear in the original locate request.

Each step as well as the tasks required by every person involved is described in our process.

Our system is now operational.

Download the process 


Thank you

We thank our comitee members:

  • Ginette Bussière, Ministère des Transports du Québec (also Pierre Gagnon and Marc-Olivier Nault from MTQ)
  • Jude-Renel Cantave, Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (also Stéphanie Blais)
  • Isabelle Danis, Association des Constructeurs de Routes et Grands Travaux du Québec
  • Pierre Duval, Hydro-Québec
  • Mathieu Guibord, Commission des Services Électriques de Montréal
  • Caroline Lessard, Énergir
  • Claude Levasseur,  Effigis
  • Martin Michaud, City of Terrebonne
  • Salamatou Modieli Amadou, Centre d’Expertise et de Recherche en Infrastructures Urbaines
  • Bernard Paradis, Vidéotron
  • François Pelchat, Quebec City
  • Jason Sobey, Bell
  • Christian Viel and Marie Parent, Montreal
  • Nathalie Moreau, Marc Jr Colas and François Desjardins, Info-Excavation