Independent Studies

Over the years, independent studies have highlighted the importance of damage prevention to underground infrastructures both in Quebec and across Canada. You may consult some of the studies listed below. Please visit our Legislation section to learn more about what actions were taken at both the federal and provincial levels. In this section, you will find all the information needed to support Info-Excavation in its efforts to introduce for adoption a provincial act for the protection of underground infrastructures, as is currently the case in Ontario.

Studies on the consequences of underground infrastructure dammages

Identifying Occupational Health and Safety Risks Related to Damages to Underground Infrastructures

This CIRANO study aims to understand the risks to which workers are exposed in order to better adapt awareness-raising efforts and better target prevention measures. This demonstrates that damages to underground infrastructure create significant hazards for workers exposed to it.

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Socio-Economic Cost Assessment for Damages to Underground Infrastructures

Centre interuniversitaire de recherche en analyse des organisations (CIRANO) published an interesting report on damage related socio-economic costs to underground infrastructure and they have created a tool on the evaluation of the annual costs. Authors indicated that the indirect costs incurred in Quebec by damages to underground infrastructure totaled more than $123 million in 2016.

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External studies on the economic impacts of a provincial legislation

Two external studies were conducted to demonstrate the economic impacts of a provincial legislation on Quebec municipalities. Beyond the risks to the safety of workers and the public, the municipal membership of Info-Excavation is more than a beneficial step. (Studies only in French)

Portrait des bénéfices et des coûts d’ajustements liés à la prévention des dommages dans les municipalités

Portrait du retour sur investissement de la prévention des dommages dans les municipalités


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