When you’re planning to do any kind of excavation, it’s important that you know what kind of underground network is present in your work zone. A locate request is the simplest way to identify these networks: our member companies send a locator on site to identify the network by means of paint poles or flags.

To make a locate request, just fill our online form. Please note that all emergency locate request can be made by phone or on our mobile app or on our Web portal (water line break, gas leak, imminent foundation collapse, landslide, broken pole, re-establishing essential services). Consult our tutorial video.

Even if it’s not mandatory to place a locate request, we strongly recommend that you make use of our services. Info- Excavation is the only organization to offer this service entirely for free for the provinces of Quebec and Atlantic. To dig safely, a few simple minutes is all you need to place a locate request and avoid any unwanted surprises. The cost of repairing damages network can be quite high, digging without the proper precautions can be dangerous for you and the environment. The responsibility is yours.

A locate request is the simplest way to identify these networks: our member companies send a locator on site to identify the network by means of paint poles or flags. Consult our tutorial videos.

The location certificate is a document en minute, consisting of a report and a plan, stating the land surveyor’s opinion on the current situation and state of immovable property in relation to ownership titles, the cadastre and the laws, regulations and by-laws which may affect it. It may not be used or invoked for purposes other than those for which it is intended.

No. Every locate request is free. The service in financed by our member companies in order to protect their underground network, prevent potential damage and avoid any accident while excavating.

You have to expect a 3 business days delay before planning to start any kind of work (landscaping, fence or pool installation, tree planting etc…). But, if you’re making an emergency locate request (water line break, gas leak, imminent foundation collapse, landslide, a broken pole, re-establishing essential services), the delay could be as short as an hour.

If you’re doing the emergency type of work such as a water line break, gas leak, imminent foundation collapse, landslide, broken pole, re-establishing essential services, please contact us immediately by phone (514-286-9228 or 1-800-663-9228), or on our mobile app or on our Web portal (Please take note that planned work such as landscaping, fence or pool installation, tree planting etc…are not considered as an emergency type of work).

No. We’ll notify the member companies. These companies will send you a sketch or go and locate their underground network in a 3 business days delay. (Please note that you have to directly contact any company you suspect has underground installations who are not members of Info- Excavation).

You can go to the online tracking tool to get the status of your request and follow up with the company in question.

No. A locate request is valid until the end date of the work written on your request. After that, you must renew it online.

It is possible that the network belonging to the member companies has been modified, either by adding network or disaffecting network without you knowing it. A simple request will permit you to know more. Placing a locate request, totally free, will avoid any unwanted surprises while doing your work. The responsibility is yours.

This could be potentially dangerous for you, your neighborhood and for the network in the immediate area. Know that when you are digging, even if it is on your own property, you could be held responsible for any damages incurred while doing the work. To avoid any accident or costly repairs of any kind, place a free locate request.

Please know that at all times you or the excavator could be responsible for work done on your property. However, if you do have an active locate requests that was properly formulated and that you’ve respected all the guidelines indicated by the member companies you won’t be responsible if of any damages in the network was not or erroneously identified. Your valid request will be your proof.

Info- Excavation does not offer this service. To know more, please visit the locator section of our site. We will refer you to a company that, for a fee, will be able to provide this service.

Cable or network is considered private when the present or previous owner of the property has requested that it be buried. Info- Excavation does not offer a free service to locate this type of network. To know more, please call us at 514-286-9228 or at 1-800-663-9228. We will refer you to a company that, for a fee, will be able to provide this service.

You can place an engineering request, which will be sent to you within 5 business days, This service is also free of charge. Once your work date has been determined, you’ll need to submit a locate request so that our infrastructure owner’ members networks can be identified on the ground.

It’s possible that your municipality or an excavation company could be doing work in your sector. Even if the information is confidential, please remember that theses markings are temporary and being present on your property are very important in assuring your safety. We remind you that all public utilities have utility easement on the property and legally no one can dig on your property without your consent.

In the event that this company isn’t a member of Info- Excavation, you have to understand we cannot directly refer you to them. Please contact your municipality to obtain more information.

When you provide an intersection, you allow Info- Excavation to only notify the companies within the desired zone and since it’s information that’s mandatory you avoid unnecessary delays in the treatment of your request.

By providing these dates, you assist the member companies in planning their locates. This will, in turn, reduce the wait time not only for you but all the other clients of Info- Excavation. Also, the period between the excavation start date and its scheduled end date written on your request represents the period in which your request is in effect.

A notification will be sent 7 days prior to the expiration date of the validation period of your request, giving you enough time to renew it and complete your excavation work. (Only for the province of Quebec)

There are several reasons why the request was placed on standby but all these reasons have a common denominator, you’ve not provided mandatory information. The missing information that would instigate this action could be: the name of the person placing the request, the name of the municipality or work area, a civic address in the case the type of works asks for it ( pool, fence, patio…etc) the start date of your work, the closest intersection or a contact phone number. It’s also possible that the streets are in new developments and we can’t identify them on our maps, in this case, we’ll place your request on standby in the effort to get more information.

We strongly recommend that you place a request before doing any kind of work. Certain cable could be as shallow as 2 inches in the ground. You can never be too careful.

Unfortunately not. But there is an option. You can place an engineering request and receive plans identifying the network belonging to the member companies in the sector. Not however that if you do eventually decide to undertake some work, it’s strongly recommended that you place a locate request since only plans do not protect you legally in the case you do any work.

Since our mandate is to protect the underground network of our member companies we cannot place a request if you aren’t digging in the next 30 days. In this case, you must deal with a company that specializes in locating the network. As well you must have permission from the current owner before placing a request at Info- Excavation.

No. For legal reasons concerning responsibly you cannot use a locate request that’s not in your name. The third party must have transferred the locate request to you.

If there are any visual indications ( network conncections ,access shaft or others) that leads you to beleive a member or unidentifed network may be present, you must complete the UUN application process.