How it works

Upon receiving your locate request, Info-Excavation will check its database to see if member companies have any underground networks near your excavation site.

If there are no underground networks near the excavation site:

One of our agents will confirm this information via the same means used to make your locate request (phone or electronic).

If there are underground networks near the excavation site.

You will be given the names of Info-Excavation member companies, who will then contact you after reviewing your request.

You will receive a reference number (ex: 2021-01-0001) for follow-up purposes and to make communication easier.

If the excavation work doesn’t compromise the network's integrity, public safety or that of your employees:

Each member company involved will advise you of a clearance, either by phone or by email. If this is not the case, they will send either someone to mark the location of their respective network, either with flags or paint, or a locate report on sketch.

A minimum delay of 3 business days following the issuance of your request is generally required to complete its treatment.

However, member companies may reply more quickly in the case of an emergency locate request (re-establishing essential services or to prevent a danger to the public).