Locate request transfer

Any organization or person who intends on digging will need to be informed about what is underground in Quebec. Therefore, Info-Excavation now offers a new functionality of transferring locate requests.


This new process will allow clients to place locate requests and transfer these requests to other contractors/sub-contractors. The response from the various owners of underground infrastructure who are members with Info Excavation will be accessible to both parties on our web portal.


With this new functionality, contractors/sub-contractors will not have to place multiple requests for the same work zone

Think about the many benefits such as:


  • Saving time
  • Decreasing the percentage of damages due to no locate request
  • Everyone will be well informed of what is underground

Process for transferring the locate request

Familiarize yourself with this new easy-to-use feature by reviewing our process.


#2: Example of email received by the person to whom the locate request was forwarded: