Quality Policy

At Info-Excavation, we are committed to clear if not transfer to our members, any locate request placed by a client in accordance with the prescribed delays. In addition, we are continuously striving to better the efficiency of our work procedures and our client’s level of satisfaction, all the while respecting the applicable requirements, which guide our service.

ISO certification

Info-Excavation is ISO 9001-2015 standard accredited. This new certification leads us to improve the quality of our procedures and, as a result, enables a superior control of the quality of our services. Thus, our training and evaluation processes are being optimally overseen and any outcome is being deemed deficient to be treated even more effectively. In addition, it is important to note that each of the actions taken by Info-Excavation is recorded and verifiable for a period of 5 years, providing peace of mind for both members and users of our services.

               ISO 9001_2015 black TM