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Improvements to the request processing center

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Locate Request Improvements for Very Large Excavation Zones

Great news! An important modification will be in effect on September 24 and will greatly facilitate your work. Indeed, as of September 24, you will be able to draw sketches in a row. This will enable you to cover the whole area of your work zone when it extends further than what is displayed on the map.

This modification will result in:

• Viewing the adjacent sketches for your entire work zone when you create the request;
• Automatically creating a locate request for each of the sketches;
• Sending a confirmation for each locate request created.

There are many benefits to this major modification:

• Improves the efficiency of your activities;
• Heightens the accuracy of each locate request, leading to a quicker answer from our members;
• Provides the possibility of receiving a clearance notice for some section of the work zone;
• Simplifies the creation and management of locate requests for large excavation zones.

our website where you can view a short video demonstrating what steps must be followed to take advantage of this change.

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