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Improvements to the request processing center

Reminder: Details as to scheduled excavation start and end dates

We would like to remind you that on September 4th, a modification related to the locate request validation period will be in effect. This modification will greatly benefit your operations:

• You may receive, during the course of your validation period, notifications indicating that there were changes to the initial answer. Sent by email, these notifications indicate that underground infrastructures were added within the worksite specified in your request.
• A notification will be sent 7 days prior to the expiration date of the validation period of your request, giving you enough time to renew it and complete your excavation work.

Remember that writing the start and end date as accurately as possible will have the following effect:

• Decrease the number of revalidation;
• Reduce the time spent managing your emails, which includes answers received from owners of underground infrastructures;
• Lessen the number of follow-ups and your administrative workload.

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