Wording vs sketch

It was decided with our member companies present at a concertation meeting last year, that the Google sketch created from our Web portal, will be the primary information above all to identify the member companies present on the dig site. Therefore, the Municipality, Street, and the Intersections fields will only be used as a reference to open the map. So, to better clarify the importance of the sketch versus the wording, we have added the following sentence on the request creation page on the portal:

” The Municipality, Civic address, Street and Intersections fields are used to open the Google map. You must clearly indicate the exact location of the dig site on the map below because your sketch will determine which members will be notified of your work. “

Furthermore, you will have to confirm having read and accepted in a mandatory pop-up (see image below) that the sketch represents the dig location.

Wording vs sketch

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