Update for the Info-UCN application

Info-Excavation is pleased to announce that its Info-UCN (Urban Coordination Network) application has been upgraded, enabling it to provide service throughout Quebec.

As of last week, Info-UCN uses JMAP version 7 in addition to a new provincial mapping (geobase).

The Info-UCN application enables all public right-of-way users to better plan and coordinate excavation work among themselves, while reducing related costs.

The new provincial geobase will not only enable every municipality in Quebec and owner of underground infrastructures to register their excavation project, but will also serve to inform other public right-of-way users of upcoming projects, making it a perfect platform for exchanging information.

Users stand to gain so much from Info-UCN that Info-Excavation has decided to offer all its members free access to Info-UCN until August 31, 2020. Take advantage!

Visit our website and register to take advantage of the countless benefits this application has to offer.


Thank you.
Info-Excavation Team