More than 250,000 km: This is the known number of kilometres of underground infrastructures located in Québec. What if some of them are located on your property, without you knowing it? This is why it is essential to know what lies below before digging or having excavation work carried out, however small it may be. Even today, there are more than 3 damages per day in Québec. Of these, 23% of damages could have been avoided by making a locate request at Info-Excavation.

Contacting us will keep you informed of what lies below and help you dig safely.

Whether the excavation work is for an in-ground, semi inground or above-ground pool, making a locate request at Info-Excavation is essential before installing your pool or even your spa! You may also need to make an engineering request when drawing up the plans for your in-ground pool.

IMPORTANT! You must identify all the work related to the installation of your new pool or spa.

The following represents the information needed when creating a locate request.

  • The location of any work related to the installation of the pool: fence, water return system, etc.;
  • The total depth of the excavation work;
  • The date the pool will be installed. This information is crucial as it takes 5 business days to receive answers from all member owners whose infrastructures are located within the work zone;
  • The completion date is also important as it allows us to define the maximum validation period for your locate request.

Making a locate request

Making a locate request is not only free, it’s also quick and easy!
Make one today while planning the installation of your pool.

Making a locate request