Several geomatics activities are available at Info-Excavation:

Updating the database with data from members’ underground infrastructures

Info-Excavation must keep its database updated at all times since its members’ underground infrastructures are constantly evolving. This is why Info-Excavation has developed the required expertise to enable it to convert the members’ information from various platforms into a uniform database. This information helps Info-Excavation process optimally all locate requests or engineering requests it receives.

Scanning Networks

Drawing on its expertise, Info-Excavation is capable of scanning various types of networks on different types of maps no matter the medium (electronic or paper).


To meet the needs of certain companies, Info-Excavation is capable of drawing the required information that will enable network engineering. Information can vary greatly from curbs to residential or commercial buildings.

Geographical Data

Info-Excavation is the depository for Quebec’s GeoBase which is constantly updated and whose overlapping with Google Map is synchronized. For companies and municipalities, this geographical data helps them have an accurate and common Geo-Base.