A municipal consent request is required when an excavation activity is projected within a right-of-way managed by a municipality or MTMD.

As of Fall 2023, Info-Excavation will provide a free application to owners of the Urban Coordination Network (UCN) that will allow them to send their municipal consent request to cities, municipalities and MTMD. All requests will be computerized and fully automated. Interactions between the UCN owner and the city or cities/municipalities / MTMD whose right-of-way is located within the work zone identified in the request will be made through the notification app.

Benefits of Using This Tool

  • Access to the consent request form will be made through this new application and the requester’s contact information will be filled automatically. Information relevant to the excavation work must be added by the requester.
  • Geomatics used by the web application will help us identify the exact location of an excavation project that requires a municipal consent. The work site’s location on the map will be done by Smart search.
  • Attachments such as plans or a detailed description of the work are usually required. The information contained in these attachments allows the municipality to make a comprehensive analysis before giving its consent. All attachments can be included with the consent form.
  • The municipality can also add attachments such as terms and conditions of use of the public way when answering the consent request.
  • The computerized form allows us to implement tools for monitoring and various methods of control.
  • The system’s mechanism serves to establish reminders and expected response dates.
  • The history of requests and the dates such excavation work was performed will be stored and made available for future reference.

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List of Users

The municipal consent request is currently being tested. The users’ names will soon be available.