Launch of the Guidelines for Excavation Work Done Near Underground Infrastructures

Seven large underground infrastructure companies (Bell, CSEM, Gazifère, Énergir, Hydro-Québec, Telus and Vidéotron) have established common guidelines to be followed when excavating near underground infrastructures. The first of its kind in Quebec, and perhaps a first in Canada!

Effective immediately, this new document simplifies the excavation work done by contractors near underground infrastructures. Every guideline, technical specification and specific requirement that must be complied with either at the planning stage, before undertaking or during excavation work are described in this document.

It covers, among other things, clearance distance requirements for different infrastructures and backfilling standards to be followed. Each type of excavation method is described, whether mechanical or soft, as drilling techniques and the installation of new underground infrastructures near existing ones.

It is important to note that these new guidelines will replace those provided by these seven companies so as to ensure a safe working environment and to prevent personal injury and damage to underground infrastructures.

This unique document will be available from the network owners collaborating in these guidelines and during the training sessions offered by Info-Excavation. We prefer you consult and use the electronic version which is updated regularly and available on different websites, such as on Info-Excavation’s.

View the electronic version of these guidelines.