Improvements to the request processing center

Current Modifications

Enhancements in the Request Confirmation form

For some time now, the request confirmation form received by email has undergone some enhancements. As of today, your Google sketch will prevail and attest to the authenticity of the locate request. The area defined in your Google sketch will be the one that will be used.

Consult modifications


New to Types of Work

A new type of work has been added. You can now select “Crane Installation”.






Faster Engineering Request

Great news! Owner members of underground infrastructures have agreed to reduce the turnaround time for an engineering request. It will soon be reduced from 10 to 5 business days.


Simplified Sketch

Since May 1st, a substantial change to the creation process of sketches has taken place. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to enter a second intersection. This improvement marks the end of automatic segmentation, responsible for creating additional locate requests.

As far as other modifications are concerned, the use of the zoom and arrows to navigate within the map and move it has been restricted, enabling the clear identification of the worksite. The added benefit translates into an increased number of clearance notices and a reduced number of replies received from owners of underground infrastructures.