Locate report on sketch only: For faster, more agile service

Énergir would like to remind you that it has made changes to how it processes gas network location requests. The advent of new location technology means that Énergir can provide faster, more agile service to clients requesting locate reports, providing them with greater autonomy in how they manage their work.

New – Locate report on sketch only

Based on certain risk criteria, Énergir will now provide a locate report on sketch only. When these criteria are met, Énergir will not travel to the site to do ground marking. The marking can be done by the requester, using the information on the sketch provided by Énergir. This is a practice that’s highly recommended to prevent damage to underground infrastructure.

To make the process as easy as possible, Énergir has created how-to videos for different users.

Énergir has set up a help line to support users with these changes. Requesters can get assistance in reading the report, among other things. Please call our dedicated teams as needed at 1-877-598-3038, or by email at [email protected]

Safety is everyone’s business.