Creation of a Locate Request – New Features

Modifications were made to improve the quality of the locate requests and make communicating with member companies easier.

  • Drawing Tools

Some drawing tools will no longer be available for certain types of work. The limited number of tools ensures that the proposed drawing tools are best suited to each project type.

  • Zoom Level

The zoom level available to sketch the work area now depends on the type of work selected. This ensures that details within the work area are clearly displayed, making it easier to analyze and identify which member company needs to be notified.

  • Fields: Length, Width, and Direction

The length, width, and direction fields will be removed. Only the depth field will remain and must be specified on the locate request relevant to your project. This change will make it easier for our users to create a locate request.

  • Creating a Locate Request – Warning

A new warning now appears when creating a locate request, stating that only the information relevant to identifying the member companies will be used. As of now, only the work area sketched in the locate request will be used to identify which member company needs to be notified. Please note that all additional files attached to the locate request will not be consulted or considered during our analysis.

  • Additional Information Field – Warning

A new warning will be added stating that the information contained in the Additional Information field is for informational purposes only. The information cannot be inconsistent with the area drawn in the attached sketch. Please note that the information contained in that field will not, under any circumstances, be used to identify the member company which needs to be notified.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns regarding these modifications.