Changes on the Web portal and mobile application

Significant changes were recently made to our Web portal and mobile application.

You must now enter the maximum depth of excavation that will be done when making a locate request. Furthermore, the type of excavating method(s) that will be used during the excavation work must be selected (mechanical or by hand).

If the depth of excavation needs to be modified while performing the excavation work, then a new request must be placed to locate underground infrastructures within your worksite.

These modifications will permit to improve the analysis of the requests towards owners of underground infrastructures and possibly allow you to start your work quicker.

Here is a list of modifications that have been carried out:

  • A language button is now available on all pages.
  • The Help link now brings you to the Live Chat page.
  • A new feature has been added to the Web Portal’s Main page that enables you to search for a locate request.
  • The Attach Scaled Diagram button has been renamed Save Scaled Diagram.
  • The Attachment button has been renamed Attach Document.
  • The default size of the Additional Information field has been increased such that 250 characters are always visible.
  • The Excavation Start Date field is now empty when making a new request.


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