2023 CCGA Symposium Sponsorship & Exhibition Registration Now Open

The Canadian Common Ground Alliance is excited to hold its 2023 Damage Prevention Symposium, in person, at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Quebec, November 21st – 23rd, 2023 !

This event is a signature event for the CCGA attracting over 200+ damage prevention management professionals and decision makers from across Canada including stakeholder groups such as municipalities, excavator contractors, oil and gas, telecommunications, electrical transmission/distribution, water and sewer, telecom, emergency management, surveyors, regulators, trenchless industries, One Call Center members, utility locate service providers and administrators, engineers, insurance, risk management operations, and others who protect the underground infrastructure and impact damage prevention.

Join us for this dynamic and engaging event that is sure to provide practical, relevant information which will focus on damage prevention public awareness initiatives and expand stakeholder knowledge on efforts to protect essential infrastructure.

The format for the conference consists of 3 days of professional development, workshops, panel presentations, networking events, along with an exhibitor tradeshow.


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Énergir: process modification on locate reports

Locate report on sketch only: For faster, more agile service

Please note that Énergir is changing the way it processes certain locate reports and sketches, as well as certain gas network location practices. New gas network location technologies present an opportunity for Énergir to provide faster, more agile service to locate requesters and to allow them greater autonomy in their work management.

New – Locate report on sketch only

Based on certain risk criteria, Énergir will now provide a location report on sketch only. For these criteria, Énergir will not travel to the site to do ground marking. The marking can therefore be done by the requester using the information shown on the sketch provided by Énergir. This is a good practice to prevent damage to underground infrastructure.
This change in process began gradually over the past year and will ramp up during the upcoming construction season. Here are the situations in which Énergir may provide you with a locate report on sketch only, if the work area includes*:

A service connection with a flow restrictor

  • Repaving
  • Installation of a pool
  • Drainage work near the foundation of a building
  • Installation of a fence

*Under certain conditions. As of April 15, 2022. This list is subject to change over time.

Several awareness tools to assist in the proper interpretation of the sketch and best practices for ground disturbance work near the gas network are provided with the locate report (separate emails, interpretation document, explanatory videos, etc.).

Please pay attention to the type of locate report provided to you and make sure to properly inform contractors or teams to whom you send locate reports.

Safety is everyone’s business.