Simplified Login Process

A new single sign-on authentication system enabling users to access our Internet applications will soon be implemented. As of today, users will be able to access every application offered by Info-Excavation using a single sign-on, from the request portal up to the Info-RTU application.

Other Benefits:
•    Simplified creation of new accounts.
•    Upgrading over time the password’s level of complexity.
•    Multiple-factor authentication.
•    Forgotten password management.
•    Improved management of active accounts.

The transition to the new system will be quite simple. Should you need to modify your password, simply follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

The new platform for our webinars is now live!

We now offer 5 different training activities!

  • Three enhanced training activities for managers, workers, planners and designers: analysis and interpretation of locate reports.
  • Two new training activities for locators and contractors who will be working for pipeline companies in Quebec.

Dynamic and interactive: core training courses done at your own pace, then a live webinar with an Info-Excavation trainer.

Go to the Training Section to register.

2020 Annual Survey

Our annual satisfaction survey is currently online. It will only take you 10 minutes to complete it.

Your comments and suggestions are of great importance to us. We encourage you to participate in the survey.

Thank you in advance for your participation !

Choose your region

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Updating the mobile application

New Android (Android 11) and Apple (IOS 14) software are now available. We therefore remind you that it is important to update the Info-Excavation application. If you don’t, you won’t have access to the latest features to make your locate requests.

Download the application on Android or Apple.

Update to our mobile application

Our mobile application will be updated on June 22, 2020. This update will provide you with many benefits and will enhance user experience.

The following modifications will be done:

  • Simplified tools will be available for entering information and worksite location.
  • The “Find Me” button will be removed. The app will automatically detect your location when you open the map. You will also be able to do a research to find the street where your work will take place.
  • The type of work can be selected once the sketch is provided.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to update your mobile application to take full advantage of these upgrades.

We hope these improvements will greatly simplify your work.

Please send your comments at [email protected]

Download the application (AppleAndroid).

Launch of the Guidelines for Excavation Work Done Near Underground Infrastructures

Seven large underground infrastructure companies (Bell, CSEM, Gazifère, Énergir, Hydro-Québec, Telus and Vidéotron) have established common guidelines to be followed when excavating near underground infrastructures. The first of its kind in Quebec, and perhaps a first in Canada!

Effective immediately, this new document simplifies the excavation work done by contractors near underground infrastructures. Every guideline, technical specification and specific requirement that must be complied with either at the planning stage, before undertaking or during excavation work are described in this document.

It covers, among other things, clearance distance requirements for different infrastructures and backfilling standards to be followed. Each type of excavation method is described, whether mechanical or soft, as drilling techniques and the installation of new underground infrastructures near existing ones.

It is important to note that these new guidelines will replace those provided by these seven companies so as to ensure a safe working environment and to prevent personal injury and damage to underground infrastructures.

This unique document will be available from the network owners collaborating in these guidelines and during the training sessions offered by Info-Excavation. We prefer you consult and use the electronic version which is updated regularly and available on different websites, such as on Info-Excavation’s.

View the electronic version of these guidelines.

Update for the Info-UCN application

Info-Excavation is pleased to announce that its Info-UCN (Urban Coordination Network) application has been upgraded, enabling it to provide service throughout Quebec.

As of last week, Info-UCN uses JMAP version 7 in addition to a new provincial mapping (geobase).

The Info-UCN application enables all public right-of-way users to better plan and coordinate excavation work among themselves, while reducing related costs.

The new provincial geobase will not only enable every municipality in Quebec and owner of underground infrastructures to register their excavation project, but will also serve to inform other public right-of-way users of upcoming projects, making it a perfect platform for exchanging information.

Users stand to gain so much from Info-UCN that Info-Excavation has decided to offer all its members free access to Info-UCN until August 31, 2020. Take advantage!

Visit our website and register to take advantage of the countless benefits this application has to offer.

Thank you.
Info-Excavation Team

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Info-Excavation Remains Open

Following the Quebec government’s new guidelines regarding the closure of nonessential construction sites for the next three weeks, Info-Excavation will maintain its services to answer and process all requests that will be received.

All Info-Excavation employees work remotely and are able to manage all your requests and inquiries whether for regular or emergency excavation work.

You can generate your engineering or locate requests immediately, even if the excavation’s start date is later this summer. The best way to generate these requests is by going to our website or using our mobile app.

Remember to exercise caution when excavating. Be vigilant in preventing damage to underground infrastructures. At this time in particular, repairing these essential infrastructures 0owill be more complicated to ensure everyone’s well-being.

We will inform you of any change in our services without delay.

New procedure regarding network updates

For some time now, you have been automatically receiving emails warning you that new underground infrastructure was detected in your work zone, which was not initially present in the documents you received after completing your locate request.

On any future such emails, you will notice that it is now mandatory to click on the link to confirm that you have read and acknowledged the content of the email. It is your responsibility to click on this link. Failure to do so means that the analysis of any added infrastructure will not proceed, and you will not receive your clearance, plans or on-site markings, which may increase the risk of damages to any present infrastructure.

Thank you for your collaboration in following this essential new process.

Email address is now mandatory for locate requests

REMINDER: As of March 1, 2020, all locate requests or engineers plan, sent either electronically or made by phone, are required to have a valid email address. It is compulsory that your locate request be confirmed without delay so that the information written on the request is corroborated by you and truly reflects your needs. You will know which owners of underground infrastructures are located in your dig site.