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Dear Underground Infrastructure Safety Advocate,

In the spring of 2015, Senator Grant Mitchell introduced Bill S-233, An Act Enacting the Underground Infrastructure Safety Enhancement Act and Making Consequential Amendments to Other Acts. The legislation would require that federally-regulated infrastructure be registered with a provincial notification centre, where one exists. For provinces without notification centres, the legislation would allow the federal government to encourage the creation of notification centres through funding grants.

In its current form, the bill reached second reading before parliament ended for the upcoming election. When a new government is formed after the October election, Senator Mitchell intends to re-introduce the legislation in its current form or as an amended version of the original.

Senator Mitchell worked closely with Mike Sullivan, President of Alberta One-Call Corporation and Executive director of the CCGA, to try to develop legislation which is consistent with the goals and best practices of the safe digging community in Canada. Before re-introducing the legislation, however, Mr. Sullivan encouraged Senator Mitchell to consult with other safe digging advocates across Canada, to ensure the legislation is as sound as it can be.

Please consider this e-mail a formal request for consultation. We are interested in any comments, suggestions or feedback you may have to offer, and will work with parliamentary counsel to incorporate suggestions in the final version of the legislation. Please provide feedback in the form of comment boxes in a .pdf of the legislation, or as a word document with track changes. Text of the legislation can be found here in both official languages:


Feedback should be returned to our office by October 1, 2015. Documents can be directed to me at [email protected], as can any other questions, comments, or concerns. Please note that I will be away from my office from August 6th-29th, so communication during that time may be sparse.

Thank you in advance for your guidance and direction on this most important matter.


Kind regards,

Kyle Johnston


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