Free training Info-Excavation

Our different training courses have 2 sections:

  • A compulsory core of 30 minutes composed of videos and questions that you will have to do before the day of the training.
  • A webinar of about 2h – 2h30 with an Info-Excavation trainer.
  • In addition, it is recommended to use Firefox or Chrome browsers on a computer to follow the webinar.

At the moment, all of our training sessions are given in French.


Deepen your knowledge on:

  • Damage prevention
  • How to make a location request online
  • How to read a locate report

For Planners and Designers: Aimed at people who plan and design excavation projects, who write bidding documents and supervise construction sites. (duration: 2h30)

For Managers and Workers: Aimed at people who work on excavation sites: construction worker, labourer, day labourer, locator, project manager, superintendent, foreman and supervisor. (duration: 3h)

Reading plans: If you have already taken our training in the past, you can now learn more about interpreting and reading location reports.(duration: 2h30)

Locators: Learn more about the location best practices, the routine of locate requests, and your role in the underground infrastructures damages prevention chain.