Committee – Annual Convention

The committee’s mandate is to organize Info-Excavation’s annual convention, a high-level event, where the Industry’s members reunite to discuss the mission’s progress. Specifically:

  • Focuses on the adequate topics for the conference and workshops and then finds the right people to deliver targeted messages;
  • Find and organize the exhibition area;
  • Find convention partnerships;
  • Organize public relations and advertising campaigns for the convention;
  • Hotel logistics;
  • And much more…


Resources: underground infrastructures owners, municipalities, contractors, marketing agents, event organizers…

Dates of meetings - 2016

  • January 12th

  • March 28th to March 30th (Symposium)

Dates of events - 2015


  • April 10

  • January 12

Dates of events - 2014


  • November 24

  • November 4

  • October 7

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