What Is Bill S-229?

To increase worker safety and reduce societal costs of damaged underground infrastructure, we need a mandated, comprehensive Call Before You Dig and Click Before You Dig notification system across Canada. Bill S-229 creates a federal underground infrastructure notification system which will:

• Require operators of any underground infrastructure that is federally regulated or on federal land to register that infrastructure with a one-call notification centre
• Require anyone who is planning to dig on federal land to first make a locate request with the relevant notification centre
• Require operators of underground infrastructure to respond to locate requests by either locating or marking the ground, providing a clear description of the location of the underground infrastructure in the vicinity of the proposed excavation, or providing an all clear to proceed with excavation

The enactment also provides a mechanism by which reserves and some other lands subject to the Indian Act can become subject to this notification system after consultation with the council of any band in question.

Check out the Canadian Common Ground Alliance Website for more information about what you can do to help protect our environment and prevent personal injury.