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*Your sketch will determine the nearest city, street and intersection written on the locate request.

Many locate requests do not have a street address or, if they do, it is often incorrect. Since the sketch is used as a reference for identifying the excavation area, a new and very useful feature as been implemented for an indefinite period. Regardless of the wording used at the beginning of the search to view Google map, the locate request sent to members using this new feature will now include the city name, the nearest street and intersection where the excavation work will be carried out. This feature will increase the accuracy of your work site location, expediting the work of locators as well as the work of owners of underground infrastructures.*

* If you are having trouble viewing our map when creating your request, please press F5 to refresh the page.*

Please note that it is not mandatory to enter the total size of your work zone when making a locate request. However, if you enter it, it must match the one from the sketch. Reminder: only the sketch in the locate request determines which members are present in your work zone.

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