Recognition program

Info-Excavation is proud to announce the winners of its recognition program for the 6th consecutive year. Its goal is to acknowledge certain key players who made a difference in damage prevention of underground infrastructures, promoting safe environments for public and workers alike as well as maintaining the integrity of services.

Winners of previous years

Congratulations to our 2016 winners!



Prevention prize – Contractors in Civil Works

GOLD Distinction – Construction PG4 – Ganotec
Sirs Jean-Yves Rémillard and Mathieu Côté, Construction PG4 – Ganotec


SILVER Distinction – Roxboro excavation
Mr Michel Théorêt and his family, Director of Resources and Procurement at Roxboro excavation


BRONZE Distinction – S. Desormiers excavation inc.




Prize – Engneering firm

MLC Associés inc.
Sirs Francis Charbonneau et Mathieu Beauregard, MLC Associés inc.




Prize – Fulfillment and implication

Mr Gaëtan Gagné, Info-Excavation




Special mention – 25 years at Info-Excavation

Mr Marc Brunet, Info-Excavation




Special Acknowledgment for its work as a whole

City of Quebec
 Mr Daniel Lessard, City of Quebec

Contractors in Civil Works & the city of Quebec
The prizes were presented by Mrs. Lucie Picard, General Manager at Gaz Métro & Chairman of Info-Excavation and Mr. Denis Courchesne, President & CEO at Info-Excavation.

Prize fulfillment and implication and special mention
The prizes were presented by Mr. Denis Courchesne, President & CEO at Info-Excavation, Mrs. Nathalie Moreau, Executive Director, Prevention and public affaires Info-Excavation, Mr Marc Junior Colas, Technical manager et Mr Sylvain Lavallée, Operational manager

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