Builders’ Festival

Info-Excavation proudly participated in the 2014 Builders’ Festival and would like to congratulate its partners for doing likewise…

Congratulations to Info-Excavation, Promark-teleconACRGTQ and Construction DJL!

This unique and educational event is designed for children and adults alike so that they may discover the world of construction and its different related trades. Sharing a booth with Info-Excavation, we promoted their free service and talked about the colour codes used for marking underground infrastructures. Promark-Telecom, another important partner, organized a game using positioning devices for locating underground infrastructures. The game, as well as the small flags given to the children, were very much appreciated.

To learn more about this festival, please visit their Web site at:

Gang Promark telecon BDJ 2013 Gatineau

Petite rétrocaveuse BDJ2013 Gatineau

Jeu éducatif Promark-telecon Gatineau

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